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Test Solutions

Total Test Coverage for all Consumer Electronics Devices:
Mobile Phones, Tablets, Wearables
• Notebooks & Desktop Computers
• Heat Consumption Counters
• GPS Modules and more

We offer valuable test know-how support throughout every stage of your product's life cycle. Whether it's during the initial phases such as design and prototyping, or the crucial steps of validation and verification, all the way to the seamless integration of new production (NPI) and large-scale manufacturing, repair and ongoing support, we have you covered.

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Konrad Technologies Consumer Electronics Test Solutions

Our Expertise

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Micron Level Precision (Assembly & Vision)

Starting in 2000, we developed the first Micro Alignment Application for the consumer market. Since then, we have gained key know-how and experience to implement such solutions at scale.

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The Right Technology Mix

At Konrad Technologies, we are highly familiar with all technologies that are integrated in consumer products today and know the right test approach to ensure complete test coverage during production.

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Global Team and Support

Mass scaling of consumer product test equipment deployments around the world have been a main factor for the global expansion of Konrad Technologies. Today we have test experts around the globe to help you directly with local support where you need it most.

Test Capabilities

  • Haptic / Button
  • Audio (Microphone / Speaker, headset plugs)
  • RF Signals (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS…)
  • Display / Touchscreen / Touchpad
  • Micro Alignment & Fine Pitch contact
  • PCB / PCBA (ICT, FCT, ISP and Boundary Scan)
  • Sim Card
  • Camera
  • Camera Uniformity
  • LED / Flash
  • Others (Battery, Flash, Proximity, Gyro, Ambient Light Sensor, Barometer…)

Solution Examples

Konrad Technologies MCS500 Fine Pitch Contacting System

Fine Pitch Contacting
System Example: MCS500

Application: As PCB boards miniaturize, testing becomes challenging due to reduced contact with fixtures. Konrad Technologies has addressed this with a Fine Pitch Contacting System that incorporates rigid needle adapters, a vision inspection system, and a multi-axis motion control system for precise micro-alignment of test devices. Applications include ICT, FCT, ISP, and IPCB Panel Test, available for both stand-alone or inline use.

Key System Capabilities:
Vision Guided Needle Alignment
• Automated parallel testing
• Up to 500 Test Points
• Process safe contacting of tiny test pads

Konrad Technologies RF Signal Production Tester for Wi-Fi, BT, NFC, GPS

RF Signal Production Tester for Wi-Fi, BT, NFC & GPS

Application: To integrate RF (Radio Frequency) Signals in consumer products for smart home connectivity, high-quality testing in production environments is essential, particularly for antenna validation alongside electrical tests. We've developed an RF Signal Production Tester for common RF Applications like Wi-Fi, BT, NFC, and GPS.

Key Test System Capabilities:
• Wi-fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
• GPS, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, GSM, GPR, GFC etc.
• Simple Go/No-Go tests executed in parallel
• Professional RF shielding environments 

Our systems also feature antenna design from Konrad Technologies and are optimized for device communication via SPI, I2C, UART, and CAN interfaces.

Konrad Technologies Haptic Button Universal Test System

Haptic / Button
Universal Test System

Application: A standardized Flexible Haptic Test System designed to assess haptic feedback in devices.

Key Test System Capabilities:
• Force measurement on the robot head
• Laser-guided test head positioning (+/- 30µm)
• Simple go/no-go test
• Advanced haptic tests according to specification

This system is versatile, suitable for testing consumer device buttons, touchscreens, and touchpads, and is used for prototype validation, production testing optimized for speed, and endurance testing.

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