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Radar Systems follow a complex development path to ensure radio frequency (RF), electronics and software work seamlessly together and can cover the key specifications required by major vehicle manufacturers. Once the major development milestones are completed and the manufacturer is confident with the robustness of the product it is time to set up a production line, to bring the radar to market.

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Konrad Technologies Radar Production Tester RAPTER

Advancements in Radar Sensor Production and Testing

A radar sensor consists of multiple key components which need to be integrated in an assembly line. Once assembly is done, it is required to test the radar in depth. This step is called Radar End of Line test (Radar EOL test). If the test is successful, the product can be shipped to the end customer.Since 2007, Konrad Technologies has focused on Radar Test System development. Our first successful radar systems covered validation and production test of 24 GHz Blind spot detection (BSD) radars. In the following years, we focused on global deployments and improvement of these systems as radar demand continued to grow.

Konrad Technologies Radar Blind Spot Detection

In 2016, a new frequency band was introduced to the automotive market: the 77GHz radar band. To include this new technology to our radar test platform, we worked on a key innovation project with Audi and NI, which was successfully completed in 2017. After this we added this capability to our production test systems.

Working together with our global customer base we successfully integrated multiple radar test systems and enabled our customers to test, validate and successfully produce radars that are incorporated in many vehicles driving on the roads today. Typical radar types tested with our systems:

Konrad Technologies Short Range Radar Icon

Short Range Radar (SRR)

Konrad Technologies Mid Range Radar Icon

Mid Range Radar (MRR)

Konrad Technologies Long Range Radar Icon

Far Range Radar (FRR)

We would like to introduce our Radar End of Line test system solutions to you. If you are encountering similar difficulties in manufacturing intricate radar systems, we encourage you to reach out to us with your precise needs. This will enable us to recommend a tailored solution that suits your unique circumstances.

In case you are interested in radar validation test systems please have a look at our V&V test area.


Konrad Technologies Radar Production Test System (RPTS)

Radar End-of-Line
System (EOL)

The KT Radar Production Tester (RAPTER) features a loading area to load the radar sensor, an automated movement unit to change horizontal and vertical orientation for testing and an anechoic measurement chamber.
Adding RF measurement devices and radar target simulation equipment are optional. The integrated system enables RF parametric measurement tests with object emulation tests for rapid functional evaluation. The RAPTER can be a standalone system or integrated into a production line.

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