Life Cycle Test

Product reliability and endurance in a wide range of environmental conditions are of essential importance to keep quality promises and create a good brand image.

In Product Life Cycle testing we specify and design test environments that can evaluate the product and provide indication on where we need to improve before the product is ready to be released in the market.

Konrad Technologies Product Life Cycle Test

Depending on the product different conditions must be created to test the life cycle of the System, or specific edge cases need to be specified and test conditions created to validate reliability and endurance.

To list a few examples:

Product running in operation mode for specified time, simulating nonstop operation until failure/ product end of life

Normal and extreme climate conditions (Hot/Cold)

Repeated pressing of buttons, mixed pressing, combined pressing

Repeated shacking, forced impact to specification limits

Peak current/ voltage test, forced unexpected shutdowns

Repeated connecting and disconnecting of interface components

Logging of all data during Endurance test and analysis

Konrad Technologies Product Life cycle test graphic
Konrad Technologies Product Life Cycle Test

Our Expertise:

To create the correct environment for the endurance test is a big challenge and requires years of experience and extensive test know-how in multiple domains. At Konrad Technologies we have expertise in all the key areas such as:

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Temperature test at extreme ranges including humidity generation

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Mechanical test

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Electrical test

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Software test

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RF test

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Vision test


Endurance Test Expertise

Our team has done multiple Endurance test projects over the years and gathered all the expertise to ensure project success!

Cross-functional offering

Endurance test requires multiple test technologies being combined and integrated, which we have a unique background in at Konrad.

Scope definition support

It can be challenging to define all requirements for the product life cycle test. With our experience we can assist in scoping the project and ensure it can meet expectations.


Endurance test systems are usually a unique type of equipment with heavy maintenance expenses. At Konrad we can assist to use as many standard components as possible, produced in-house to have a more sustainable system

We welcome you to contact us!

To learn more about our Product Life Cycle Solutions please refer to several examples listed below. And if you are facing the same challenge to test endurance of automotive components you are very welcome to file your request at the end of the page.


Konrad Technologies Car Key Endurance Test System

Car Key,
Endurance Test System

A fully automated test system for remote keys was developed for a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electrical car locking systems. The manufacturer now has the possibility to execute durability tests for up to eight different DUTs simultaneously in a climate chamber and at different frequency ranges.

Konrad Technologies Safety Belt Pretensioners, Endurance Test System

Safety Belt Pretensioners, Endurance Test System

An endurance test system has been developed for an automotive T1 supplier; this tester was custom made for two pairs of safety belt pretensioners with continuous recoding and monitoring of electrical and mechanical values as well as CAN-messages. The endurance run is executed over a time period of up to 90 days under various climatic conditions. The climate-chamber software allows execution of different climate profiles with corresponding test sequences.

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