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Konrad DigitalIO is a software abstraction for easy control of DigitalIO devices.

It consists of three modules:

  1. A windows driver which is responsible for the communication and device abstraction
  2. A DLL with NI TestStand Test Steps which allows easy integration in automated production environments
  3. A standalone executable which simplifies debugging and setup of test sequences

This architecture allows to open a communication channel from multiple instances to the same device. This is important when, for example, an I/O channel should be used in two independent applications.

As shown in the basic example above it’s pretty easy using the DigitalIO DLL from different applications or directly using the DigitalIO TestStand Test Steps to access the I/O channels. As the complete communication is managed by the driver, there is no need to take care about the communication protocols.To simplify application setup or if it’s only required to manually control an I/O channel from a PC the DigitalIO Standalone application allows to control all basic I/O functions. To keep the functionality of the tool as simple as possible, special device functions such as waveform generation are not directly supported.

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