Achieving high quality standards for general electronic products requires system engineers to consider a wide variety of factors during the design phase. Mechanical and electrical tests need to be carried out meticulously to ensure that the final product will be able to fulfil its desired purpose and satisfy the end user.

However, functionality is not the only concern when ensuring product quality. There are also environmental factors that can affect its usability. The key factor we will be focusing on in this article is temperature.

A case everyone can probably relate to is the everyday use of mobile phones. Who hasn’t had the frustrating experience of a phone overheating in summer, or a rapid decline in capacity and shut down of a phone in winter at cold temperatures?

To ensure that the electronic products are working well under different temperature environments, thermal test plays a vital role in modern product development and mass scale production. At Konrad we have developed a deep understanding of integrating temperature tests in validation and production environments and thus helping system and test engineers to reproduce situations that their product will face during its life cycle.

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Key Applications

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Temperature validation test
to guarantee product specifications

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Electrical Functional Test under temperature

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Low and high current
functional test

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End of Line test
under temperature

Possible Configuration:
  • Bench top system
  • Top facing VPC (Virginal Panel Corporation) fixture interface
  • Modular and scalable test system integrated based on PXI/PXIe and ABex platform
  • Integrated embedded controller with Intel Core i5 processor
  • Integrated PXI-501 multifunction FCT and ICT measurement instrument
  • 86 - 2838 test points
  • Up to 16 fully parallel ICT test sockets
  • 15U additional 19” rack space
Konrad Technologies Thermal Tester
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