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As sensing requirements for vehicles increase, Lidar systems are added to several advanced autonomous systems, engineers are building today. These systems offer another type of sensing, using laser beams that reflect real-world objects to determine objects position in space.

Leveraging the information collected, the Lidar system can then help humans make better decisions driving in an assistant role or the sensor feeds this data into algorithms that can derive driving decisions from the data.

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Advanced Lidar Testing Solutions

The number of lidars installed in a car is typically influenced by the Autonomous Driving (AD) concept embraced by the vehicle manufacturer. The quantity of lidar sensors required is closely tied to the targeted AD level to be attained. As the AD level increases, a greater number of lidar sensors are typically necessary.

Both Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) and Automotive Suppliers (Tier 1s) are currently confronted with the task of validating, testing and manufacturing all the lidar systems that will ultimately be implemented in the next generation of vehicles.

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Konrad Technologies LiDAR Target Simulator

Since the lidar systems are very complex the test systems need to be highly customized. Changes can occur at any stage of the Validation and Verification (V&V) process, necessitating test systems with exceptional flexibility to accommodate upgrades or downgrades. This flexibility ensures that the test systems can adapt to evolving requirements seamlessly.

To solve all these challenges Konrad Technologies (KT) developed a wide range of lidar test systems based on PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) technology, as well as KT internal optical expertise and technology.

By collaborating closely with our global customer base, we have achieved successful integration of numerous lidar test systems. These partnerships have empowered our customers to effectively test, validate and produce lidars that are currently utilized in a wide range of vehicles traversing roads worldwide.

If you are grappling with the challenge of testing intricate lidar systems, we encourage you to contact us with your specific requirements. This way, we can recommend a tailored solution that is suited to your unique circumstances.


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We offer requirement analysis, system design and turnkey-integration for the complete lidar test system with automation software tools, vehicle dynamics & ADAS scenario software. Since all Lidar sensors are working with different optic designs, every project requires a special customization, starting with a Proof of Concept (POC).

This enables you to create the desired test case at ease. We provide a high level of flexibility compared to our peers in this field.

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