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With extensive expertise in testing and automation, Konrad Technologies is an excellent choice for intricate industrial projects. We serve as a valuable partner, facilitating the integration of industrial production machines and offering advanced solutions for product quality and endurance testing. Choose us for complex industrial projects and benefit from our wide range of knowledge and capabilities.

Our solution spectrum ranges from the test stands for large industrial pumps over the development of paper-handling solutions, to endurance test systems for servo motors.

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Konrad Technologies Industrial Electronics Test Solutions

References in Industrial Electronics

  • Integrating Controls: Motion, Process, Building
  • Integrating Power - Management Systems, Controls, Supplies, Generation
  • Implementing Identification and Tracking Systems - RFID (Protocol Aware Test System), Barcode, GPS
  • Standardizing Test and Measurement Equipment
    (based on KT PXI and Software offering)
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing and Test Equipment
  • ICT and FCT equipment for industrial sensors
  • Test of panels with 4 PCBs, combined ICT/FCT
  • Good part marking & Pass/Fail sorting as well as fully automated board handling

Solution Examples

Konrad Technologies Industrial Radio Frequency RF Universal Test System

Industrial Radio Frequency (RF) Universal Test System

Application: Industrial RF Universal Test System, that is able to test products in an 868 MHz frequency.

Suitable for testing:
• radio systems,
• heat-cost distributors,
• water and heat meters.

It is designed as a semi-automatic manual work station and allows parallel placement and automatic functional test of two-times two DUTs in a tandem arrangement. To guarantee a stable measuring result, the test system has two identical RF-chambers

Konrad Technologies Industrial Pump Universal Test Rig

Industrial Pumps
Universal Test Rig

Application: A Test system that evaluates the characteristics of industrial pumps for a leading centrifugal and displacement pump manufacturer, measuring pressure and flow rates as per customer specifications. A key feature allows operators to mount the next pump while the first is being tested, enhancing manufacturing efficiency.

Key Achievements:
• Reduced testing time from 25 minutes to 5 minutes.
• Operates in two-shift mode, ensuring 100% testing accuracy.
• Modular and scalable design meets security standards and allows future expansion
• Universally applicable to all types of pumps, improving production throughput.

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