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Ultrasonic sensors today are mostly part of any new vehicle that is introduced to the market. They provide a sensing method for slow-moving objects through audio signals, mostly used in parking applications. These sensors can send out sound waves, which bounce off real-world objects and find their way back to the receiver to determine obstacle position in space. Integrated to autonomous systems they help humans make better decisions driving in an assistant role or feed audio data into algorithms that can derive decisions from the audio data.

The AD (Autonomous Driving) concept of the vehicle manufacturer will usually impact how many ultrasonic sensors will be installed in the car to cover the field of view that needs to be covered.

Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as Automotive suppliers (Tier 1s) are now facing the challenge to validate, test and produce all the ultrasonic systems that will finally be deployed in the new generation of vehicles.

Since the ultrasonic systems are very complex the test systems need to be highly customized. Integrating the ultrasonic sensors as well as the correct measurement equipment to facilitate obstacle simulation.

Konrad Technologies Ultrasonic Sensor ADAS AD
Konrad Technologies Ultrasonic Test compactRIO FPGA Real-time technologies

To solve all these challenges Konrad Technologies (KT) developed together with National Instruments (NI) a new simulation system for Ultrasonic test based on compactRIO FPGA and Real-time technologies, as well as KT internal audio expertise and technology.

Working together with our global customer base we successfully integrated multiple ultrasonic test systems and enabled our customers to achieve obstacle simulation for ultrasonic sensors during the validation and verification process.

Below we want to present to you our standard Ultrasonic Sensor target simulator and if you are facing the same challenge to validate ultrasonic systems, you are very welcome to contact us with your specific requirements, so that we can propose a suitable solution for your individual circumstances.


Konrad Technologies USTS Standalone Ultrasonic Sensor Test System

Ultrasonic OTA 
Simulation and Data Injection

The KT USTS is a standalone ultrasonic sensor test system that performs customizable object simulation for ultrasonic sensor performance verification. Modular and scalable by design, it can be configured to meet specific or comprehensive ultrasonic sensor functional and validation test plans.

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