DC/DC Converter
Assembly Line

The DC/DC Converter is a crucial component in the automotive industry for expediting electrification. Leveraging our proficiency in assembly, automation and testing - we have created a comprehensive line concept for DC/DC Converters that can be expanded to meet the production requirements of our customers.

Konrad Technologies DC DC Converter Assembly Car Graphic

Complete Line Process:

1. Insert Station
2. Dispenser Station (Heat Transfer Paste)
3. PCBA Assembly
4. Screwing Station
5. Plasma Station
6. Robot Station
7. Dispenser Station (Glue)
8. Assembly and Screwing Station
9. Leakage Test Station
10. EOL Test and Marking Station, High Voltage Contacting Station
11. Fail Part sorting station
12. End Assembly of contactor housing, finished part

Konrad Technologies Assembly Line Graphic

We would like to introduce our DC/DC Assembly Line Solutions to you. If you are currently encountering difficulties with producing DC/DC Converters, we welcome you to contact us with your specific requirements. This will allow us to suggest a tailored solution that is best suited for your particular situation.


12V/48V DCDC Converter Assembly & Test

Main Feature of this Line include:
- Automated Line for DCDC Converter Product including required test stations
- Device handling performed with a fully automated concept using robots/machines for handling as well as conveyors for transportation
- Screwing Stations, Gluing Station, etc.
- Temperature and Leakage Test Station
- FCT/ CAN Test Station
- Production Load: 400,000 pieces per year

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