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ICT IDE and Sequencer

The ICT software consists of two parts, the interactive development environment ICT IDE and the ICT sequencer.

The IDE provides a graphical user interface for convenient creation and testing of these test sequences and allows:

  • Convenient management of hardware resources via topology editor
  • Support of several independent embedded testers for parallel test execution
  • Editing sequences in a text or table editor
  • Error highlighting during sequencing
  • Sequence execution (also single step) directly on a selected DUT
  • Debugging (single step)
  • Loop execution via sequences, or single steps
  • Optimization function with regard to waiting time and integration with Shmoo plot
  • detailed results output within tables as well as various results diagrams
  • Pin-Finder function to support adapter wiring
  • Automatic test program generation is available via Aster Testway
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