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Cameras are part of most vehicles driving on the road nowadays. They are used in a wide variety of applications for safety enhancing features as well as improving driving behavior. Some Examples are rear view cameras that support drivers with parking, driver monitoring cameras to record the driver and warn about fatigue, as well as integrated camera systems for autonomous applications such as Automated Emergency Breaking (AEB).

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Konrad Technologies Camera End-of-Line Tester

Meeting the Challenges of Mass-Scale Camera Sensor Production and Testing

Due to the large increase of camera demand Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as Automotive suppliers (Tier 1s) are now facing the challenge to produce andtest all the camera sensors at mass scale that will be deployed in newly produced cars all over the world.

To assist our global customers in these challenges Konrad Technologies has invested major resources in optical test know-how and manufacturing ability and made it part of our core business to build specialized equipmentfor camera production lines. These include sophisticated automated assembly solutions and automated test equipment for optical, electrical, temperature and software testing.

Konrad Technologies EOL Camera End-of-Line Test

KT Camera EOL Test Expertise

Optics Expertise & Laboratory

For over 15 years, Konrad Technologies has been involved in testing optical components. Today we can develop customized optics fully in-house in our optical lab in clean room environment.

Cross-functional teams

At Konrad Technologies, we possess a distinctive background in combining and integrating various technologies from diverse engineering disciplines, which is a requirement for camera production testing.

Scope definition support

It can be challenging to define all requirements for the camera production test. With our experience we can assist in scoping the project and ensure it can meet expectations.


Camera production test systems are complex and unique types of equipment that can incur significant maintenance expenses. We can assist in using as many standard components as possible, which are produced in-house, to create a more sustainable system that is both cost-effective and easier to maintain.


Konrad Technologies Camera Test System EOL End-of-Line

Camera Test

The last step during the production process of a camera is the End of Line Test Station, in which the fully assembled camera, is tested for its production test specification.

These End-of-Line test stations are complex, automated machines which require a lot of optical and camera test know-how and are also highly adapted to the manufactured camera which makes each End-of-Line system a unique type of machine.

During our many years of expertise in the camera production test field, we have acquired the necessary know-how to work with customers around the globe to develop and manufacture these custom-made solutions.

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