Konrad Technologies Announces New Organizational Structure

Konrad Technologies Announces New Organizational Structure

Konrad Technologies to create strategic business units.


RADOLFZELL, Germany – October26, 2021 - Konrad Technologies announces the organization of business units to maintain business agility and accelerate productivity.  


Konrad Technologies is determined to structure the medium sized company in an agile manner, able to make decisions quickly and take action. The formation of strategic business units makes it possible for Konrad Technologies to quickly adapt to new technologies and customer requirements.


Results Driven

The business units will be cross-functional autonomous teams responsible for their results. They will work towards a formulated goal, which will release the potential of individual team members.  


Michael Konrad CEO of KonradTechnologies, said:

“We have always fostered a company culture with organizational agility and seen a lot of success with it. In reaction to our recent growth, I want to maintain that culture with the structure of business units. We will enable our business units to make decisions and drive the success of their work.”

Konrad Technologies was founded by Michael Konrad, Chief Executive Officer, in 1993.


Business Units at Konrad Technologies

Application and Service



Metal and Assembly


R&D Test


Konrad Technologies isthe provider of value added, platform based automated test solutions used to solve the world´s most complex engineering challenges for design validation test and manufacturing to production test. Successfully deployed solutions include integrated and standalone test applications for custom devices and camera,radar, and lidar sensors in the semi-conductor, consumer electronics and automotive markets.

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