Sensor Production Test

Automotive Radar Production Test System (KT-RPTS)

Konrad Technologies ADAS Solutions
The Konrad Technologies Radar Production Test System (KT-RPTS) is a customizable, modular, standalone and safety-compliant radar test system complete with instrumentation and mechatronics controls.


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Assembly and test line for Radar sensors

With high technology standards and technical know-how, Konrad Technologies is at the forefront of the development of innovative ADAS test systems, paving the way for autonomous driving.

We have the mechanics to provide fully covered solutions for automotive radar test, from R&D and validation to assembly and manufacturing test.

We provide Semi-automatic assembly and test lines for automotive radar sensors.

Radar Functional Test

The Konrad Technologies VRTS 77 GHz -82GHz Radar Target Simulator
can be built into Production Systems.


  • Enables sensor self-calibration and diagnostics for blind detection, self-alignment error management etc.
  • 24GHz, 76-77GHz and 77-82GHz high bandwidth Models.
  • Multi-sensor data fusion.
  • In circuit test of the Radar PCB and basic electronic PCB
  • Increased overall test coverage for quality assurance
  • Upgradable and high test accuracy
  • Functional test of basic electronic PCB
  • Radar functional test including noise floor estimation of subassembly
  • EOL programming and safe launch -startup test
  • Provides a pass/fail determination on finished PCBs thus improving efficiency
  • Reusability system design

End of Line Test

Konrad Technologies also runs manufacturing/ production line comprised of FCT, ICT, RF, sensor assembly and automated end-of-line test.

EOL Test Systems have a modular design which can easily be configured to test a broad range of sensors; like Camera, Ultrasonic, Lidar, and GPS.


  • Lane Change Assist.
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Rear Cross Traffic Detection
  • Rear, side and Forward Collision Warning
  • Exit Assistant
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).
  • Typically, in 24 GHz, 76-77GHz, 82GHz band.
  • 360 Degree Systems: Parking Aid.

Multi-Sensor Fusion combining front or side/rear applications

Latest systems under development are 77-82GHz high bandwidth sensors for Autonomous Driving, longer range Forward Collision Warning, Parking Aid and other 360 Degree Applications.

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