ADAS Radar Sensor Test

Testing, Verification and Validation

The Konrad 24GHz - 77 GHz - 82 GHz Radar Target Simulator increases the realism of radar test by confronting the sensor with simplified versions of real- world scenarios. With this system, important emergency features can be verified without requiring any time on the road, or large space of moving objects. Quickly identifies potential failures of a sensor by replaying previously saved scenarios or parameterizing certain elements of the test.

For the simulation of complex, realistic ADAS scenarios to evaluate data fusion systems, we associate vehicle testing studies with modern and hi-tech infrastructures. Thus, simulating and accelerating the real life equivalent loads.

We excel in:

  • The production release of Radar Target Simulator; Multiple independent targets from different AoA (angles of arrival); High volume automotive radar sensor development.
  • Radar Embedded Software Development; Highly efficient implementation of Radar algorithms; Support for higher bandwidth; Special embedded know-how for dedicated auto-Radar multi-core processors.

  • Radar Signal Processing Software; Software design tools; Specification and traceability tools; Code analysis, integrity testing, module testing; In-house prototype assembly and testing.
  • Radar System Design; Radar Architecture; Digital signal processing; RF modules design and development.


ADAS Camera Test

Konrad Technologies offers Over the Air (OTA) and Injection-based ADAS Camera Test Systems. An OTA Test System will involve the camera “looking” at a screen to test the analog and digital portions of the camera. An injection-based Camera Test System sends a stimulus data stream to the camera chipset to evaluate the camera output.

  • Target Monitor
  • MTF Test System applications
  • Sensor Fusion: integration with Radar and Lidar
  • HIL System integration, HIL testing of camera-based systems
  • EOL solution (Cars)
  • Camera in the loop simulations
  • Complex setups with stereo or multiple cameras
  • Pixel errors, Configuration tools such as; ROI adjustments, Exposure control, Monochrome sensor, Failure insertion etc.

Typical applications include:

  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Traffic sign recognition

Lidar Sensor Technology

Empowered by technology, Konrad helps you achieve 360° spatial awareness.

  • Lidar Target Simulator
  • HIL System integration, HIL testing of camera-based systems
  • Lidar in the loop simulations
  • 2D Flash Lidar with a flexible range
  • Flexible Solution for different sensors
  • Bench solutions
  • EOL solution (Cars)

Typical applications include:

  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Parking assistance
  • Close- quarter navigation
  • Rear view warning
  • Reverse assistance
  • Cross traffic alert etc.

ADAS Ultrasonic Sensor Target Simulation Test (KT USTS)

The KT USTS is a standalone ultrasonic sensor test system that performs customizable object simulation for ultrasonic sensor performance verification. Modular and scalable by design, it can be configured to meet specific or comprehensive ultrasonic sensor functional and validation test plans.


  • Simulate Over the Air (OTA) ultrasonic targets
  • Built-in connectivity to HIL systems
  • Simulate Direct Echo and Cross Echo
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Customizable and configurable
  • Support for all ultrasonic sensors

Sensor Fusion - We are testing what is next

In the field of Sensor Fusion, Konrad ADAS test solutions offers a unique approach to radar characterization and testing with its scalable system to conduct both RF measurements and system simulation. The combination of ADAS Sensor Fusion with a hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) test system is necessary to enables a new level of innovative, automated test solutions in the automotive environment. With the help of hardware-in-the-loop (HiL), individual parts of a holistic system can be simulated and tested in real-time in a virtual environment.

  • HIL-Sensor Fusion
  • Integration of HIL systems
  • Synchronized Sensor Fusion Target Simulation
  • Integration of Automotive Component Models

Customer specific implementation

Customer-specific Models implementations

Models can also be adjusted to customer-specific requirements. We have extensive know-how in ADAS technologies from simulation and validation for R&D, to Product Development, Testing, Manufacturing and Qualification including the integration into simulation environment or the individual adaptation of Models for a secure simulation environment.

We also assist you in the design and manufacturing of a variety of custom OEM sensor modules specifically tailored to your ADAS requirements.

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