ABex System Architecture

The ABex expansion enables fully wireless distribution of analog and digital measurement and power signals throughout the entire system. Signals are routed via defined lines with stable impedances and are organized in groups on the backplane (analog, digital, power). No cables have to be used to connect the DUT with the switching matrices and the required PXI instruments.

The system can be equipped with a dedicated DUT interface, based on high quality Virginia Panel technology. The interface guarantees 20,000 mating cycles.  


  • Analog bus expansion for standard PXI chassis (8, 14, 18 slots)
  • 30 analog lines (10x differential + 10x shield)
  • Digital bus for TTL, I²C, CAN, serial, etc.
  • 2x High speed bus
  • Signal level up to 100V
  • Power bus via all system slots
       - 40A input
       - 6 busses at 5A each
       - 12 busses at 1A each
  • Rear contacting options for external devices, special switching and simplified debugging
  • Easy signal switching via high level programming language

Supported PXI Instruments

  • NI PXI-4072 6,5 digit DMM and LCR meter
  • NI PXI-5122 100 MS/s scope
  • M series NI PXI multifunctional cards
  • NI-PXI switching matrices
  • NI-PXI relay cards
  • Konrad switching matrices
  • Konrad PXI-501 ICT instrument
  • Konrad KT-7411 UHF-Instrument
  • Konrad KT-4712 LF-/HF-Instrument
  • Göpel Boundary Scan module
  • JTAG Technologies Boundary Scan module

Additional terminal modules will be offered in the future by Konrad Technologies or can be developed by third party companies within the ABex System Alliance.


Rear Modules

All slots of the ABex backplane can be accessed from the rear side using specific rear modules. This is especially useful for integrating non-PXI instruments, like AC or DC sources, but also for simplifying debugging. While powering the DUT its current consumption can be measured at the relevant rear module using precise shunts, integrated in the rear module.


Convenient Software Support

For the configuration of an ABex system users get configuration panels for the terminal blocks in addition to the drivers for each instrument. System programming can be done using high level programming languages, including NI LabVIEW, NI LabWindows/CVI, NI TestStand, C# and C++.

The ABex system is fully compatible with the PXI specification and can be used with standard chassis, e.g. National Instruments PXI-1045 18-slot chassis.


  • Functional Test
  • In-Circuit Test
  • Semiconductor Test



  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Telecom
  • Medical
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Consumer Electronics


  • Reduced setup and start-up times
  • Complete elimination of internal cabling
  • Reliable connections between DUT and PXI instruments
  • Simple expansion using switching matrices
  • Flexible distribution of power signals
  • Short setup and commissioning times
  • Increased signal quality
  • More flexibility due to no wiring
  • Convenient DUT interface to the test adapter, based on Virginia Panel Technology
  • Self-test supported
  • Custom functionality on the terminal module
  • Easy integration of external AC or DC sources
  • Dynamic current measurements
  • Scalability of the entire system
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