PXI-based ICT and FCT Test Platform LEON Gen III

In the past, traditional PCB manufacturing test was dominated by dedicated in-circuit test systems as the prime test technology. Today, the modular instrumentation platform PXI has been developed with thousands of modules for almost all kinds of measurement problems, therefore we can observe solutions which have not been thinkable a decade ago. We can now develop high performance board test systems by benefiting from the additional possibilities of the PXI platform, including fast computing power and fast bus systems as well as additional test capabilities for functional test, boundary scan test (JTAG), AOI test and RF test etc. Especially with less complex products the trend in testing goes to a combined test approach where the cost for test equipment is more critical than in high volume
manufacturing of complex products.

KT LEON Gen III PCB Tester combines:

  • Classical Analog In-Circuit Testing (ICT)
  • Manufacturing Defect Analysis (MDA)
  • Including additional Function Test (FCT) capabilities on a single PXI Board
  • Also, multiple embedded testers can be configured in a single system for higher throughput


  • Combined test system
  • ICT, FCT
  • Digital test using JTAG
  • In-system programming
  • Open and flexible platform
  • Small footprint
  • Combines up to 6 instruments
  • 2xPMU, 1xDVM, 1xHVCs
  • 4xADC, 4x DAC
  • High Speed Test Execution
  • Parallel Test with max 16 modules
  • Automated test sequencing
  • Custom extension modules
ADAS Virtual Test Drive