Retrofit and upgrade

From Incremental Change To Retrofit -
Creating High Performance Test Solutions That Help You Achieve Product Excellence!


At Konrad Technologies we want our clients to stay ahead of their competition. Therefore our test systems are designed to be flexible and adjustable to meet the latest product test innovation and challenges. Our retrofit services are very advantageous to our customers as they benefit from:

  • Reduces wastage via reuse and optimization of systems
  • Increased capabilities, accuracy and flexibility of test systems
  • Cost minimization
  • High performance engineering
  • Reduced testing time
  • Compact and reliable solutions
  • Simplified and error-free calculations and effortless training
  • Improved productivity


Our retrofitting prowess include:

  • Hardware and software retrofits and replacement facilities of all types
  • Technology refresh and upgrades
  • Turnkey upgrades and retrofits
  • Innovative strategies to meet building or organizational goals
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