Konrad Universal Test Systems

This test system is a typical base setup for many applications testing automotive products, consumer electronic devices, industrial electronics solutions and medical devices.

For maximum test coverage this test system combines different test technologies on one platform, including:

  • In-Circuit Test
  • Functional Test
  • RF-Test
  • Boundary Scan Test
  • In-System Programming
  • Vision Test



  • Modular designed test systems which can be adjusted to meet specific requirements
  • Improved throughput
  • Reduce test development time
  • Meet increased customers’ expectations
  • Scalable and upgradeable software
  • capable of testing the functionality across different configurations

The instrumentation of the system is based on the PXI architecture and uses standard boards from Konrad Technologies, National Instruments and others. Signal connections and routings are implemented without cables using the ABex technology. The interface to the product specific test adapters is established by using reliable Virginia Panel connection technology.

Main Features

Instrumentation in Detail


In-Circuit Test

Up to 2236 test points per 19" Chassis:

  • ICT amplifier Konrad KT-ICT GenII
  • DAQ board National Instruments PXI-6251
  • Switching Matrix Konrad KT-AM-301


Functional Test

For implementing functional test measurement routines, we implemented instruments for NI, Konrad and other leading companies. Typical measurements include:

  • Analog inputs and outputs - static and waveform I/O
  • Digital I/O, high speed pattern test
  • 6.5 digit DMM
  • Scopes
  • Waveform generators
  • Switching
  • Communication protocols like CAN, LIN, MOST, Flexray, etc.
  • custom specific interfaces and protocols



  • RF test with PXI up to 6GHz
  • Custom designed RF chambers and adapter from Konrad


Boundary Scan Test

  • PXI-based Boundary Scan Controller from leading manufacturers, including JTAG Technologies and Göpel
  • Konrad ABex terminal module for integration of JTAG into ABex


In-System Programming

  • DUT flashing and programming using advanced and production proof FlashRunner programmers from SMH Technologies
  • Gang programming
  • Multi-site flashing
  • Vast support of devices



Vision libraries for surface inspection, display inspection, character recognition, part detection etc.


Test Adapter

Product specific test adapters are implemented according to customers’ requirements, possible configurations include manual test adapters, optionally equipped with changeable inlays, vacuum adapter, RF adapter. All adapters can be equipped with a Virginia Panel interface.


Power Supply Unit

The universal test system is equipped with the standard power supply module from Konrad.

  • Supply of all necessary voltages
  • Emergency breakdown circuit
  • Delayed power-on of PXI and Industrial computer


The system is running the NI / Konrad-based system software, using

  • TestStand
  • LabVIEW-based test steps
  • Konrad Operator Interface
  • Konrad KT-STAT Result Data Analysis Software
  • Optional tools for automated ICT program generation
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