Functional Test (FCT)

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A core competency of Konrad Technologies is the creation of customized test solutions for functional production testing of printed circuit boards and assemblies. Applications range from Automated Optical Inspection, ICT/FCT to classical End-Of-Line Test, also Burn-In Test and Endurance test, Failure Detection and other specific.

Typical functional test systems are implemented as hybrid systems.The challenge of adding new technologies while balancing longevity and scalability is overcomed given that our standard test platforms are modular, easy to maintain, support various technologies and ensure longevity throughputs.

Matching the right software and modular hardware is key to building successful test systems. With a well-defined modular architecture, our test solutions help you integrate newer technologies with existing hardware, so you can upgrade system components as needed to maximize your investment.

In most cases, we use PXI as the core technology and integrates additional instruments around which are connected via the proven GPIB and LAN interfaces. Examples for this are power supplies or RF instruments in the upper frequency range.


Unique Value Propositions at konrad technologies

Functional test systems are often combined with in-circuit test to ensure high performance. It especially make sense with smaller or middle size products with high complexity. The powerful Konrad LEON test system family is also based on PXI and is therefore predestined for such a combination.


  • Functional test simulates the actual system usage thereby minimizing cost and time
  • Increased overall test coverage for quality assurance
  • Upgradable and high test accuracy
  • It provides a pass/fail determination on finished PCBs thus improving efficiency
  • Improved traceability between the requirements, test cases and bugs.
  • Reduced risk
  • Facilitates reusability of test


Konrad LEON Test System Family

Test Solutions

ICT/FCT/Flash Universal Test System

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