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LEON Tester Family

Leon Tester Family

The LEON Gen III tester family is  based on pure PXI or PXI plus ABex extension. Konrad offers five main tester variants covering the most critical use cases.

Analog Bus Extension PXI

Konrad Technologies ABex Analog Bus Extension Icon

A test platform applicable in various industries and technological fields, this platform covers complex test challenges anywhere on the production line.

Test System Software

Konrad Technologies Application Based Software Overview

Find out about our range of Softwares. No matter your use case, we've got you covered.

KT RFCT 2400

Konrad Technologies RFCT-2400B Image Radio Frequency Calibration Test System

Efficient all-in-one test solution for low-cost IoT devices. The low price point creates a cost effective means for testing wireless communication units, while generating a favorable cost to performance ratio.

ADAS/ AD Products

konrad car adas

Explore our range of ADAS/AD Products.

Application Based Software

Konrad Technologies Application Based Software Overview

Check out our range of Application Based Softwares.

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