Automation for Manufacturing and Test at ATE Europe 2024

Automation for Manufacturing and Test at ATE Europe 2024

June 4, 5 & 6, 2024
Halls 6, 8 & 10, Messe Stuttgart, Germany

About Automotive Testing Expo

The Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) is the world’s leading international expo for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies.

For many years, Konrad Technologies has actively participated in this event, valuing the chance to engage directly with attendees to discuss industry challenges and solutions. Each year, our presence grows as we collaborate with more partners, delivering greater value to the automotive industry through our specialized expertise and understanding of its test challenges. Our extensive network of partners enables us to provide optimal solutions and maintain a local presence wherever our customers need it globally.


Visit Us

Konrad Technologies + WKS Informatik in Hall 10, Stand 1313

Co-exhibition with AIP Automotive in Hall 10, Stand1522

Co-exhibition with MORAI in Hall 6, Stand 6328


Our Solutions on Display

Combined Electrical and Simulation Testing

Identify errors sooner and cut costs in the validation process with the new test method developed with WKS Informatik that combines a XIL System and LV124 / LV148testing. The showcase focuses on camera systems, ensuring thorough testing and integration of various sensor technologies for the automotive industry. In addition to cameras, a wide range of components can be tested, including radars, lidars, ultrasonic sensors, and other electrical parts in vehicles.


Functional Tester for Automotive Smart Camera

The Camera Production Tester (CAPTER) is designed to verify smart camera functions with post-software flashing. This system is capable of running up to six smart cameras simultaneously. It also offers cost savings by integrating diagnostic and electronic testing into a single platform.

HIL Camera Emulator for Vision-based ECUs

The CAMulator by Konrad Technologies is a data bridge from virtual simulators to electronic controlunits (ECUs) while accurately emulating camera behavior. Independent of simulation software, it ensures compatibility and flexibility with low-latency data injection and fault injection capabilities. Leveraging FPGA technology, it enables real-time data capture, manipulation, and generation with minimal latency, expanding the testing scope for camera-based ADAS/AD systems. With seamless integration and support for interchangeable PXIe modules, CAMulator is a future-proof solution, essential for meeting the changing requirements of automotive development.

Ultrasonic Sensor Test

The Ultrasonic Target Simulator is an Over-The-Air (OTA) simulator capable of generating customizable targets for up to 12 sensors, including both direct and cross echoes. It offers variable echo simulation with frequencies reaching up to 100kHz. Additionally, it features a flexible Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) interface.

In-Vehicle Data Logging

The In-Vehicle Data Logger offers an extendable, flexible, and re-usable solution. It operates on an open platform, standardized for convenience. This system is extendable, allowing for multi-chassis use. Flexibility is a key feature, enabling application-specific configurations. Both hardware and software are re-usable and configurable. In addition, it fosters an eco-system by integrating third-party toolchains.


Data Compression in Realtime  

Develop robust ADAS/AD systems more efficiently with the Data Compression Core, a lossless data compression device tailored for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The Konrad Technologies Data Compression Core (KT-DCC) supports the testing of ECUs by effectively compressing substantial volumes of real-time data with low latency.

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