Camera Product Life Cycle Management at EAC China 2024

Camera Product Life Cycle Management at EAC China 2024


Exhibition: June 21-22, 2024 at Booth F3-FS167
Presentation: June 22, 2024 15:00-15:30 at F3-Visual Camera Tech-Stage
Suzhou International Expo Center



EAC China attracts dedicated automotive technology professionals, inviting them to engage in lively discussions and join sessions across the entire automotive R&D industry chain.

Company Introduction

Konrad Technologies, is a recognized leader in the field of production and validation test systems with over 30 years of experience. The company has extensive experience in the production and validation of automotive camera test systems.


Presentation - Camera Product Life Cycle Management: From R&D to High Volume Automated Production Test

In his presentation, Jinjong Lee will introduce comprehensive methods for camera function validation, in both software R&D and manufacturing test systems (End of Line). It will cover validation activities during R&D and testing activities during production to ensure the highest standards of safety and performance are met.

“As the development of autonomous vehicles continues, Camera ECUs (Electronic Control Units) are playing an increasingly crucial role. Examples include multifunction front cameras and surround view cameras. To develop and manufacture these sophisticated cameras, rigorous testing activities are necessary to meet specific requirements such as functional safety and OEM-specific cybersecurity standards.” – says Jinjong Lee, Head of Product Development in the Automotive Division at Konrad Technologies.


Speaker Bio

Jinjong Lee, Head of Product Development in the Automotive Division, leads a global software development team with members in Germany, India, the USA, and China.



A live demonstration of a HIL Camera Emulator for Vision-based ECUs, KT-CAMulator,will be showcased at the booth.  

The KT-CAMulator acts as a bridge between virtual simulators and electronic control units (ECUs), accurately emulating camera behavior. Independent of simulation software, it provides low-latency data and fault injection capabilities. Utilizing FPGA technology, it enables real-time data capture and manipulation, expanding testing for camera-based ADAS/AD systems. With support for interchangeable PXIe modules, KT-CAMulator ensures seamless integration and future-proofing for evolving automotive development needs.


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