April 23, 2024

Konrad Technologies Participates in Girls' Day

Konrad Technologies Participates in Girls' Day

Opportunities at Konrad Technologies Headquarters

On Girls' Day, April 25, 2024, Konrad Technologies will open its doors to provide a firsthand experience to the participants in the following technical roles:

Mechatronics Engineer More Information

Electronics Technician for Devices and Systems More Information

Additionally, the girls will have the chance to interact with women in leadership positions, gaining valuable insights into various career paths.

Julia Henze, Head of Human Resources at Konrad Technologies emphasizes the importance of Girls' Day, stating, “Girls' Day provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the diverse opportunities available to young women in the tech industry and beyond."

About Girls Day

Girls' Future Day, or Girls' Day, is a major career orientation event in Germany where companies and universities open their doors to girls from the 5th grade onwards, showcasing apprenticeships and study programs in fields like IT and technology. This initiative addresses the underrepresentation of women in these areas, aiming to broaden career options for young women and attract qualified talent to industries in need. Supported by government funding, Girls' Day has proven to positively influence perceptions of technical professions among participants.

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