New Solutions for PCB Test and Manufacturing

RADOLFZELL, Germany – October 23, 2023

The new generation of test systems, LEONBench and LEONInline, extend the Konrad Technologies test solution portfolio with manual and automated test systems for ICT, FCT, ISP, boundary-scan and end-of-line applications.

“Reliable and efficient test solutions provide our customers with high quality and functionality of their electronic assemblies. With the LEONBench and LEONInline, we are expanding our modular and scalable LEON test system family with interface up systems and even better signal integrity. For the software, we’ve implemented a new CAD converter based on Aster TestWay and integrated a vectorless test method in the LEON platform.”

– Andreas Millinger, Head of Research and Development Hardware at Konrad Technologies

Flexible and Scalable Systems

Konrad Technologies specifically developed the LEON test systems for testing PCB assemblies. The systems are designed to be highly scalable with flexibly exchangeable PXI-based instrumentation.

Additional 19" installation space, as well as the transfer of vacuum and pneumatics, create a wide range of possibilities for system configuration and test fixture design. Due to the high scalability both in the number of test points and in the parallelism of the test, the systems are suitable for all types of electronic assemblies.

Improved Signal Integrity

Konrad Technologies highlights the signal integrity of the new LEON systems. The signal integrity is made optimal with the direct connection of the measurement signals to the test adapter interface, as well as the direct interconnection of the signals via the Konrad Technologies ABex analogue bus backplane.

Open Software Platform

The LEON Operator Interface provides an easily configurable and clear user interface for the user during manufacturing and production. The open LEON software platform and the underlying Windows operating system allow flexible integration of customised testing software. To achieve a maximum degree of flexibility, users can create test sequences in NI TestStand. The provided development environment for in-circuit testing as well as the Konrad System Manager facilitate test program creation and debugging.

“To further simplify the testing process and enhance efficiency, we’ve added a CAD converter that automates the creation of ICT tests based on Aster Testway and integrated the option for vectorless test.”

– Andreas Millinger, Head of Research and Development Hardware at Konrad Technologies

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