Konrad Technologies presents Tailored Solutions for the Defence Sector at DPRTE

Bedford / UK – March 14, 2024

Konrad Technologies UK announces exhibition booth at the DPRTE in Farnborough/UK on March 27, 2024.

Tailored Test Solutions for the Defence Sector

The Konrad booth features tools and demonstrations that are tailored to make design and construction of automated test systems faster, easier, more productive and more standardised than ever before, providing test coverage from PCBA to an assembled LRU. The KT portfolio includes individual components and turnkey solutions with robust, complex designs to engineering challenges.

Live Demonstrations at the Booth:
PCBA to LRU Test Platform
AI Visual Co-Pilot with Partner Akridata

PCBA to LRU Test Platform

The PXI based KT-ABex test platform (Analog Bus Extension for PXI) includes an additional signal backplane along with a powerful terminal module concept that can route analog, digital and control signals with no discrete wiring. It provides test coverage from PCBA to an assembled LRU. With KT measurement modules as well as support for likes of NI, Pickering, SMH, Keysight, Goepel and JTAG, KT brings together the best in the industry to provide a single platform for in-circuit, boundary scan, flash and functional test.

For over 10 years, the KT-ABex platform has been consumed by some of the largest supply chains in the world. It has served regulated industries including A&D, such as the Panavia Tornado, Airbus A380, EFA Eurofighter and Boeing 787 programs.

AI Visual Co-Pilot

Data volume, velocity and variety proliferate across all sorts of applications in the defence sector including autonomous vehicles, drone fleets and emerging complex sensors. With test capability field deployed, KT shows how AI can be a co-pilot to visually explore, curate and identify the useful 1% of data based on images and videos data.

Along with partner Akridata, the second demonstration uses satellite and autonomous vehicle data with Data Explorer, an interactive tool which can be considered a co-pilot for tackling large vision models within big data applications, using sensitive customer data securely within an air gap environment.

Whatever the context: - aerial pictures, drone video, visual aircraft inspection or object classification, an off-the-shelf approach can reduce hours of work to minutes. By cutting time spent on data selection and curation of raw data, it’s possible to avoid wastage in labelling spends using the method of meta enrichment, and accelerate the path to model accuracy, greatly reducing iterations and guesswork.

Focus themes of the DPRTE


DPRTE 2024 will focus on these main themes:


  • Science & Innovation
  • Digital & Technology
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Infrastructure & Estates


The DPRTE is the UK’s leading defence procurement and supply chain event. Here buyers and suppliers from across the defence acquisition supply chain will meet and learn about the latest developments in the defence sector.

The DPRTE offers a lot of opportunities for skills development, networking, collaboration and product presentation. The event is attended by Ministry of Defence and public sector buyers as well as private sector organisations.

Meet Konrad Technologies at the DPRTE

Wednesday, 27 March 2024
Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre
Booth No. 135
Opening times: 09:00 – 16:00

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