PXI Boards from Konrad Technologies

In addition to standard instruments from leading vendors we also use instruments out of our own development. These instruments are distributed as standard products on the marketplace. The Konrad PXI board offering includes the ICT module LEON as well as performance oriented switching modules.

KT-PXI-501 Multifunction Instrument

High performance PCB test

The PXI-501 card is a multifunction instrument that can be used for functional and in-circuit measurements.

User Manual


  • 2 Parametric Measurement Units (PMU)
  • Galvanic ally isolated Digital Voltmeter (DVM)
  • High Voltage Current Source for Z-Diode Measurements
  • Discharge unit for discharging capacitors (with constant current for fast discharge)
  • 4 Analog Inputs

General Specification

  • Module size: PXI Module, 1 slot, 3U
  • Module weight < 250 g
  • Front connector type: DSub 50 pin connector, female

Module Specification

  • Number of PMUs: 2
  • SMU modes: FV, FC, MV, MC
  • Voltage ranges: 2 for Voltage Measurement (±1 V, ±10 V) 1 for Voltage Source (±10 V)
  • Current ranges: 6 (±160 mA, ±40 mA, ±4 mA, ±400 μA, ±40 μA, ±4 μA) Resolution 16 Bit
  • Update Rate Output: 3 MSps; Input: 4 MSps



  • Ranges: 4 (±1 V, ±10 V, ±100 V, ±200 V)
  • Resolution: 24 Bit
  • Update Rate: 40 kSps


Analog Input

  • Number of channels: 4
  • Range: ±10 V
  • Accuracy: 14 Bit

KT-PXI-502 128x4 Switching Matrix for PXI

The PXI-502 Matrix from Konrad Technologies is intending to use to connect test points and measurement devices. It can be configured to 100x4 matrix or to 128x4 matrix by using different terminal blocks (see ordering information). A use without terminal block is not possible.

User Manual

At a Glance

  • High Speed and high density switching matrix
  • Single Slot PXI Module
  • Optimized for fast ICT applications
  • High voltage and current for functional test applications
  • Multiple matrix topologies per software configurable
  • Cost effective maintenance / relay replacement


  • Switching in ATE systems
  • Optimized for In-Circuit Test
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical and others

General Specification

Matrix Topologies

All configurations can be defined per software:

  • 100x4
  • 50x8
  • 128x4
  • 64x8


  • 3U PXI systems
  • PXI Trigger Bus
  • Compatible to NI-2532 based ICT Systems
  • CE, RoHS


The board uses devices with 8 relays in a housing.

  • Maximum Switching Voltage:
    60V AC/DC
  • Maximum Current:
    0,75A AC/DC
  • Maximum Power:
    10W / 10VA
  • Relay switching time , incl. bouncing: 0,5ms
  • All relays can be operated at the same time
  • Service friendly relay replacement without special SMD soldering equipment possible

Environmental Conditions

  • Temperature Range:
    +5°C to +40°C
  • Rel. Humidity at +40°C: 95%
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