PXI based multifunction measurement and ICT instrument

The PXI-501 is a multifunction measurement instrument for functional and in-circuit measurements.
It combines two parametric measurement units with a digital voltmeter, a high voltage current source and a discharge unit. This powerful combination makes it the ideal instrument for classical analog in-circuit test and manufacturing defect analysis with additional functional test capabilities.

With it’s fast sampling rate of up to 4MSps it speeds up measurements and is capable of measuring and generating AC signals up to 100kHz.

To enhance the PXI-501 capabilities it can be combined with an ABex TM-501 or an ABex TM-404. The ABex TM-501 enhances the in and output range of the PXI-501. Furthermore, it provides a shunt current measurement upgrade. In combination with the ABex TM-404 it’s a complete in-circuit test solution with 86 channels in one ABex slot. For sure it can be upgraded to 2838 test points in one rack by simply adding additional matrix modules.

With the above-mentioned terminal modules, the PXI-501 is able to act as a ABex system controller, so that no additional controller is required in the cassis.

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  • Single Slot PXI measurement instrument
  • Two parametric measurement units (PMU) with ±10V and up to 4MSps
  • Galvanically isolated digital voltmeter (DVM) with up to 200V and up to 40kSps
  • High voltage current source for Z-diode measurements
  • Constant current discharge unit for discharging capacitors
  • 4 analog inputs ±10V
  • 4 analog outputs ±10V
  • ABex System Controller functionality in combination with TM-501 or TM-404
  • Seamless integration into Konrad LEON software products
  • Windows 10 32bit and 64bit driver software
  • DLL APIs and NI TestStand TestSteps available
  • Optional LEON ICT IDE & ICT Sequencer Software
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