Assembly and Test System for Automotive Rear-View Cameras

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This test system has the ability to automatically adjust the focus of a passenger car rear view camera module and align the CMOS imaging sensor in the optical axis of the lens (X-Y-Phi). This is performed by analyzing the camera picture acquiring reference marks under defined lighting conditions and imaging software from Konrad Technologies.

After alignment, the lens is fixed against twisting by applying a UV hardening adhesive.


  • Designed for Speed and performance
  • Ability to be integrated in many different tester configurations such as small systems up to systems with thousands of nodes per System
  • low cycle time
  • Upgradeable (possible integration of new measurements cards and SW)
  • Modular systems
  • Real time compatibility
  • Reusability in Production
  • Standard Hardware, available worldwide Standard and Expandable Software
  • Fully Automated system with 24/7 operating time


  • Low cycle time
  • Setting of lens focus after verification using an MFT target
  • PCB alignment to optical axis
  • Locking of the lens by UV hardening adhesive
  • Software for analyzing and storing of test results
  • Label printing for bad parts after passing all stations
  • Monitoring of bad parts

To achieve a short cycle time, a solution with a turn table has been built. Six in depended stations are implemented, including one spare station for future extensions like plasma treatment:

  • Station 1 - Loading /unloading
  • Station 2 - Focus setting
  • Station 3 - X-Y-Phi adjustment of PCB to the optical axis
  • Station 4 - Spare
  • Station 5 - Three axis system for adhesive dispensing
  • Station 6 - UV bulb for adhesive hardening


  • NI Test Stand: Test sequencing Editor, Debugger
  • NI LabVIEW: Test step libraries, including KT-Vision
  • KT-OP: User interface Debugging Support for multiple parallel test stations
  • KT-Project: Functional test Vision test
  • KT-Stat: Result file viewing and analyzing Calculation of process capability


PC based test system with UPS

  • Instruments: Two frame grabber
  • Eight port serial I/O board for drive control
  • Two channel power supply for DUT powering

To exceed our customers’ expectations, our engineers use innovative technologies and bespoke assurances, Testing solutions and services for competent results

  • Custom-specific hardware control
  • NI PCI-6528 24 digital I/O


  • 2 x NI PCI-8461/2 Series 2, high-speed CAN 2 port, 1MBit/s
  • NI PCI-GPIB interface
  • Power adapter and energy supply
  • Agilent 6031A 20V / 120A, controlled via GPIB
  • KT power supply unit


  • Pretensioner-specific recording for force and length measurement, suitable for operation within a climate chamber Interface
  • Customer-specific hardware interface with all electronics and connections for the original cable tree of the pretensioner, connections for length, force and temperature sensors.
ADAS Virtual Test Drive