MIPI-POD for high-speed MIPI CSI-2 and FPD Link IV data conversion

The MIPI-POD is a smart device which offers both a serializer and a deserializer to transform data from MIPI CSI-2 to FPD LINK IV and from FPD LINK IV to MIPI CSI. The deserializer has also a serial data out channel via FAKRA. MIPI data are connected via FFC cables, FPD Link data are transferred via FAKRA. The MIPI-POD is powered using the power connector or via POC.

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  • Conversion from FPD Link III/IV to MIPI data with up to 10Gbps (4 data lanes with 2,5Gbps each)
  • Conversion from MIPI to FPD Link III/IV with up to 6Gbps (4 data lanes with 1,5Gbps each)
  • Support for FPD Link III and IV
  • Serializer Texas Instruments DS90UB971-Q1
  • Deserializer Texas Instruments DS90UB9722-Q1
  • I2C Backchannel communication on Serializer and Deserializer
  • GPIO connection over Serializer/Deserializer Backchannel
  • Supply over external connector or over POC (Power over Coax)
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