Power Distribution Unit with switchable outputs, soft start and integrated ethernet switch.

The PDU-200 is a power distribution unit for automatic tests equipment (ATE). Its outputs are software controlled to allow power on sequencing and direct interaction form the test sequence. The integrated 24V power supply provides power for additional equipment like relays and sensors. The PDU-200 is intended to use with an external remote-control panel which provides On & Off buttons as well as an E-Stop and acknowledge button. It’s integrated eight port switch simplifies wiring as no additional components are required.

  • Remote control with external remote-control panel
  • Remote shutdown of a connected controller (PC) via USB.
  • Single phase 230V AC or 3 phase 400V AC input
  • Main switch with integrated thermal circuit breaker
  • Switched outputs with individual delays and software control
  • E-Stop outputs (compliant with DIN EN 50191:2010)
  • Integrated 24 V power supply
  • Integrated 8-Port ethernet switch
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