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Camera Direct Injection Solution

The KT-CAMULATOR serves as a data bridge from virtual simulators to an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) while emulating the authentic behaviour of a camera.

The Konrad Technologies CAMulator (KT-CAMULATOR) solution enables electronic control units (ECUs) to sense a real-world camera connection, thereby pushing the boundaries of HIL testing.

Leveraging the KT-CAMULATOR, test engineers can effectively validate a wide range of camera-based ADAS/AD systems. The solution supports up to 16 HDMI inputs with simultaneous emulation of multiple camera data streams, where users can easily configure and synchronize multiple cameras.

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  • Emulating multiple synchronized camera image data and Backchannel Com.​
  • Providing configurable imager behavior with embedded data manipulation.
  • Manipulate image data for non-standard video formats
  • Choose input from recorded files or HDMI
  • Support GMSL2/3, FPDLink3/4 interfaces
  • The switch to real cameras with the TAP
  • Unified user interface, single point of control for all settings and parameters.​
  • I2C Emulation & Translation: Continuously emulates camera and interacts with ECU
  • Imager Emulation: Emulates the Imager functionalities and generates embedded lines of data to the next frame being streamed out. It continuously interacts with ECU and processes the embedded data with new register values updated by ECU.
  • TAP Real Camera: I2C TAP or Video TAP
  • Frame Synchronization: Synchronizes the streaming image data with ECU through GPIO trigger
  • Fault Injection: Supports dropping a frame from the output stream.
  • Input source: Supports 3 types of input sources
  • LVDS-Interface: Supports two LVDS (Low-voltage differential signaling) interfaces, GMSL and FPDLink.
  • Multiple Inputs: Accepts multiple HDMI inputs with different video properties (resolution, fps, formats, bit depths).
  • Format Conversion: User can choose the appropriate output format
  • Custom Resolution: User can choose cropping/padding feature to customize the resolution.
Supported Measurements
  • Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
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