Multiple Sensors Simultaneously, Complete HW and SW Combined HIL Test Systems, Connectivity to Drive Simulators

In the field of Sensor Fusion Test,Konrad Technologies ADAS test solutions offer a unique approach to sensor characterization and testing with its scalable system to conduct both measurement-based and system simulation-based tests with a single test system. The combination of ADAS Sensor Fusion test with a hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) test system enables a new level of test capability in the automotive environment. Individual systems, sub-systems, and sensors in a vehicle can be simulated and tested in real-time with a simulated scenario by using the KT ADAS HIL Sensor Fusion Test Workbench.

Essentially the sensor modules are themselves brought “into the loop” to validate their performance!

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As radar sensors continue to increase in design complexity to deliver multiple capabilities for the transportation industry, Tier 1 suppliers continue to innovate on new technology to drive down costs. And as the demand for automotive radar technology and applications continues to increase, their test routines have evolved from simple to complex test protocols in order to adequately verify functional performance of the sensors themselves and for the intended use cases. The combined use of scenario-based testing and RF measurements can be effectively used to verify functional performance of the radar sensors for their specific application use case environment or conditions. This white paper will discuss the changing requirements for radar test and how they can be addressed using the Konrad Technologies Vehicle Radar Test System (KT-VRTS) that is built on the National Instruments platform. 

Due to its modular architecture, the KT ADAS HIL Sensor Fusion Test Workbench supports testing a wide range of ADAS applications including ACC, AEB, LDW, and more. And with a focus on connectivity, the Workbench can execute test scenarios with multiple software simulation tools including IPG Carmaker and VI-grade VI CarReal-Time. Sensors, ADAS sensor packages (or pods), ADAS systems and sub-systems, and vehicle component models can all be tested separately and simultaneously with a single workbench.



Reliability, Connectivity, Autonomy

The modular and scalable approach enables the ADAS HIL Sensor Fusion Test Workbench to be configured according to your use including for ECU test, sensor test, sensor fusion test. We provide dedicated software, real-time hardware and complex test systems for efficient and secure validation efforts.

Driver in the Loop with Sensor Fusion Test

Driver in the Loop (DIL) with Sensor Fusion Test includes automotive sensors in the commonly used Hardware in the Loop (HIL) test method for automotive Electronic Control Units (ECU) hardware and software functional test. DIL with Sensor Fusion Test combines drive simulator and sensor test technologies to offer a new level of test capability for ADAS and autonomous driving feature development and functional validation efforts.

Discover the VI-grade and Konrad Technologies collaboration to verify ADAS/AD functionality in the lab before drive tests.

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Drive Simulator with Sensor Fusion Test | VI-grade and Konrad Technologies

Complete ADAS test solution with Driver in the Loop (DIL) and Sensor Fusion, by combining the Konrad Technologies Vehicle Radar Test System and Camera Target Simulator with the VI-grade Driving Simulator. The system enables the human driver to experience and engineers to test safely critical driving scenarios, including Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assistance, Adaptive Cruise Control, etc.

Driver in the Loop with Sensor Fusion Test | Automotive Testing Expo China 2018

Learn how the Driver in the Loop technology application by Konrad Technologies, Innosimulation, SEA and National Instruments at the Automotive Testing Expo China reduces development times for ADAS/AD functionality performance verification and optimization.

We are experts in

  • Centralized architecture with domain controller for sensor fusion
  • 360°redundant sensing and deep learning
  • Prototype complex algorithms for domain controller
  • Develop perception algorithms, time – synchronization
  • Fusion layer for ADAS domain controller prototyping
  • Accurate vehicle localization
  • Lane recognition and multiple sensor data logging
  • Customer-specific applications

Our sensor fusion expertise includes

  • Rear view camera and ultrasonic distance measuring
  • Front camera and front radar for adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist
  • Rear view camera and infrared sensors
  • Radar, camera and ultrasonic for automatic emergency brake (AEB)
  • Radar, ultrasonic for BSM – Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Radar, GPS, Ultrasonic, camera sensor
ADAS Virtual Test Drive
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