ABex AM-310

ABex PXIe Controller Gen IV

The ABex System Controller ABex AM-310 is a PXIe to ABex Bridge which acts as an ABex Master. An ABex Master is required to establish communication and control with all other installed ABex modules.
In addition, the ABex AM-310 provides multiple IO, Power and Communication interfaces to simplify test challenges.

Furthermore, it’s possible to use the AM-310 as an ABex module with disabled ABex Master functionality. This allows the user to install multiple AM-310 in one Chassis to increase the amount of IOs or communication interfaces.

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The ABex AM-310 provides the following additional functions:

  • 16x per channel galvanically isolated outputs with up to 1A and 60V
  • 16x per channel galvanically isolated inputs up to 30V
  • Galvanically isolated group for all DUT related functions including output disconnect relays for all signals
    • 16x digital IO with tristate output and input readback and adjustable voltage
    • 2x UART / RS232 Interfaces with adjustable voltage
    • 2x I²C interfaces with adjustable voltage
    • 1x SPI interface with adjustable voltage
  • Galvanically isolated group for all Fixture related functions
    • 24V, 12V & 5V Auxiliary supplies with current & voltage monitoring
    • 16x power digital outputs with up to 24V and 250mA
    • 1x I2C interface for fixture code
    • 2x RS232 interface
  • 1x PT1000 2/4-wire temperature measurement input
  • 8x measurement IO with connection to 4 analog busses each
  • ABex chassis voltage monitoring
  • Front and Backplane interlock input
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