ABex TM-1149Cx-FXT

ABex terminal module for Göpel 1149Cx-FXT BSCAN cards

The ABex TM-1149Cx-FXT is an ABex terminal module for the Göpel Boundary Scan Controller SFX/PXI(e) 1149/C4-FXT-X. It is connected to the BSCAN-Controller with an adapter-paddle-card.

In combination with the above Göpel Boundary scan card it’s possible to connect up to four JTAG/Boundary Scan TAPs. All differential signal wires on the PCB are impedance controlled. In addition, all other digital signals (PIP, TRG, Aux, I/O) and Ground can be switched off via relays.

  • Compatible with Göpel SFX/PXI(e) 1149/C4-FXT-X
  • 4 TAP, 32 PIP
  • Cut-Off relays for DIO Signals
  • Standard 192 pin ABex front connector
  • Integrated in Konrad Switching and NI TestStand
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