ABex TM-404 Matrix

ABex matrix module with 86x4 or 43x8 cross points

The ABex TM-404 is a 86×4 matrix designed as a universal connection between the test points and the measuring instrument. This can be done locally or via the ABex. The ABex TM-404 can be configured as a matrix with 4 or 8 busses. The internal matrix busses can be switched to the analog bus. The back connector allows to connect the TM-404 to the front of a Konrad PXI-501 ICT card to build a very compact ICT instrument. In addition, this combination can be used as an ABex system controller

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  • 86 x 4 channels or 43 x 8 channels
  • Up to 100V and 0,75A
  • Simultaneous switching of all relays to one bus
  • 100 million switching cycles (reed relays)
  • Simplified maintenance due to through hole relay modules
  • Terminal Module to route PXI-501 signals to the analog bus
  • ABex System Controller functionality in combination with PXI-501
  • Standard 192 pin ABex front connector
  • Integrated in Konrad Switching and NI TestStand
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