ABex TM-406 Current Sense

ABex current sense module for six channel UUT supply monitoring

The ABex TM-406 is a six-channel shunt current measurement extension. It’s designed to work in combination with the Konrad ABex TM-501 and PXI-501.Each of the six shunt current measurement units have a passive measurement shunt, an overcurrent protection, a sense bridge relay and the possibility to route the quiescence current to an ABex measurement device TM-501 with PXI-501.

In addition, the ABex TM-406 features 8 isolated digital outputs (IDOs), and 12 measurement inputs, which can be routed to the analog bus.

  • Six channel shunt current unit
  • Up to 60V and 5A per channel
  • 8x isolated digital output
  • 12x measurement inputs with analog bus connection
  • Simplified maintenance due to through hole relay modules
  • Extension for PXI-501 and TM-501
  • Integrated in Konrad Switching, Konrad DigitalIO and NI TestStand
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