ABex TM-6570 DPI

ABex terminal module with integrated 32x4 matrix for NI PXIe-657x DPI cards

The ABex TM-6570 is an ABex terminal module to interface with NI PXIe 6570 / 6571 cards.

In combination with the NI PXIe 6570/6571 it features a 32 channel Digital Pattern Instrument (DPI) and a 32×4 matrix, which could also be configured as a dual 16×4 matrix.

As a DPI in combination with the NI PXIe 657x it offers 32 channels with up to 100Mhz, which can be individually connected and disconnected from the ABex front connector or routed to the ABex analog bus.


  • Compatible with NI PXIe 6570 / 6571
  • Switching possibility of DPI Signals to front connector or matrix
  • 32 x 4 channels or 16 x 4 dual channels
  • Up to 100V and 0,75A
  • Standard 192 pin ABex front connector
  • Integrated in Konrad Switching and NI TestStand
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