Accelerate your Testing

ABex -
Analog BUS Extension
for PXI

The ABex (Analog Bus Extension for PXI) is an exceptional test platform that extends to accelerate productivity, development throughput and time to market. Applicable in various industries and technological fields, this platform covers complex test challenges anywhere on the production line.

Due to its flexible system architecture with an analog bus backplane and terminal modules, the platform allows the integration of technology specific extensions and extremely short system set up time - resulting in a reduction of total system cost.

ABex System Architecture

The ABex expansion enables fully wireless distribution of analog and digital measurement and power signals throughout the entire system. Signals are routed via defined lines with stable impedances. No cables have to be used to connect the DUT with the switching matrices and the required PXI instruments.The system can be equipped with a dedicated DUT interface, based on high quality Virginia Panel technology. The interface guarantees 20,000 mating cycles.


PXI/PXIe full hybrid system
with analog bus expansion

Different chassis sizes available
(4, 8 and 18 slot)

30 analog lines

Signal level up to 100V

Rear contacting options for external devices, special switching and simplified debugging

Easy signal switching via high level programming language


Reduced setup and start-up times

Complete elimination of internal cabling

Reliable connections between DUT and PXI instruments

Simple expansion using switching matrices

Flexible distribution of power signals

Short setup and commissioning times

Increased signal quality

More flexibility due to no wiring

Convenient DUT interface to the test adapter, based on Virginia Panel Technology

Self-test supported

Custom functionality on the terminal module

Dynamic current measurements

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